Spark Advisors


Individual and Group Options


Individual Executive Coaching is a one-on-one process tailored to your specific goals and development needs. It can be used to transition from one career to another, develop greater leadership/management skills in a current role, or prepare for a new one within an organization.

We begin with a clear picture of your current situation and create markers of success that are aligned with your values, life situation and experience.

We assess ways to leverage your strengths and compensate for any potential derailing habits. Strong action strategies and accountability from your coach will help keep you moving forward toward your next career success. For maximum benefit, a 3-6 month commitment is recommended. However, clients with very specific short-term goals are also welcome.



61% of women will take a career break for personal reasons at some point in their life.

Are you getting ready to rejoin the workforce and don’t know where to begin? We can help get you back on track by gaining a clear vision of where you want to go using your skills and experience to get you there.



There’s strength in numbers!

Group coaching brings individuals together who have a common goal or life situation in a supportive and motivating environment, delivered in a cost-effective manner.



Through Spark Advisors workshops, you will learn about a variety of developmental topics in a fresh and engaging way. Clients can also customize subjects to suit their specific needs. 

Sample topics that are available for workshops include:

- Strategies to re-enter the workforce after a career break
- Parental Transition Coaching: managing your maternity leave and return to work
- How to maintain your professional network if you decide to take a career break