Spark Advisors


Clarity, Strategy, Action


Our approach is based on Columbia University’s Coaching Certification Program – a strategic partnership with Columbia Business School and Teacher’s College, Columbia University. This process includes aspects of Adult Learning, Neuroscience, Management Education, Organizational Psychology and traditional Psychotherapy. Executive Coaching creates conditions for professionals to focus on what they want to achieve and take strategic action to accomplish it.

Gain Clarity

Spark Advisors concentrates on what you want to achieve from the coaching engagement. The process includes enlisting your strengths for completing your goals and handling habits that have derailed you in the past. This is fulfilled by your own self-assessment, observational feedback as well as any outside resources if needed. This foundational inquiry builds self-awareness and lays the groundwork for growth and change.

Develop a Strategy

As insights are integrated and the goals become clearer, an individualized plan is created to reach them. Exploring options, various outcomes and imagining the future, all work toward creating the plan. It maintains commitment to the goal by creating structure and accountability. Clear ways to measure progress and success are also defined. Spark Advisors ensures that the actions and your plan continue to align with your personal targets and/or organizational priorities.

Take Action

By taking action and following up on commitments, growth is experienced and change begins. Together, we celebrate your successes and use difficulties along the way as an opportunity to learn. You’ll have insights to consider and action items to accomplish between our meetings together. Your coach will be your accountability partner to ensure that you keep moving closer to your objectives.

After the completion of our coaching sessions, we review your progress and access opportunities for future growth.

Spark Advisors offers a free, 30-minute phone consultation to talk more about your specific needs and to answer any questions about the coaching process. On-going meetings can be in person at my office in Manhattan, via phone or Skype and are typically twice a month for 60 minutes. For maximum impact, a 3-6 month commitment is strongly recommended, although single sessions are available for clients with very specific short-term goals.